March 30, 2018

Last Chance to Register for Flag this Sat @12pm @the CC

Attention!!! Check this out!

Have you signed up for flag football yet? If not, you have 1 LAST CHANCE this Saturday at the Community Center! 

We had such an awesome turnout for our first year and we would love to extend that to any family who wants to be apart of the Knights Organization! 

Saturday at 12pm we will be doing a 1 TIME ONLY late flag registration! If you know someone interested in playing, please send them to Southampton Community center tomorrow 3/31 at noon. 

Late registration is $100!  

I'm giving everyone one last chance to register! 

Our numbers are very good and we would love to extend the invite to more kids to join us! We are doing this to help the remaining people who want to still play flag!! 

Thanks everyone,

 John Lombardi

#knights #southamptonknights #youthfootball

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