Weigh-in Procedures

According to KSL rules-all players are weighed in before every game and must meet the guidelines or they will not be permitted to participate in that game.

Weigh-In Procedures for Tackle Football

Weigh in equipment does not include: Helmet, Shoulderpads, Rib pads, Collar pad (must be attached to shoulder pads), External pads (elbow, arm, etc.), Socks are to be above the ankle. All of the above equipment must be brought to the scale area at the time of the weigh in.

Weigh in line: It is the responsiblity of the head coach prior to sending the team for weigh in, that he ensures that all members are properly equipped with all pads. Once the players are in line at the scale, it is strongly suggested that a quick review be given again to ensure all pads are in place. If a player is found not to have a pad in place, (prior to the start of the weigh in) it is permissable to get the player the pad immediately. Player must weigh in with the team.

Each player must have their picture registration card at the scale.  Note: Some organizations prefer to have cards in folders at the scale. This is permissable.

Rosters are to be in numerical jersey order only. However if rosters are not in numerical order, this is not a reason to delay the weigh in. Report any discrepancy to your league representative who will in turn report circumstances to the league.

No coach may weight in his team (head coach or assistants) unless they are the only adult present.

After a player is weighed in, the player must report directly to the field, or if in the case a game is still underway, the player must report to a designated area set up by the host team. Players cannot go to any (other area unless accompanied by a representative of the opposing side (adult). If a player(s) goes to any other area they can be declared ineligible for play in that game.

If the weight indicator on the digital scale exceeds the designated weight for that game, the player shall be declared overweight. And not eligible to play in that game. If the digital scale has a "tenths" column, it should be covered over with tape.

It is the intention of the league that all players participate if all criteria are met. It is not the intention to have weigh in personnel make a player stand on the scale for an undue amount of time hoping that weight indicator exceeds the determined weight for that game. Weigh in the player and get on with the weight in.

Games are played on the field, not at the scale.

Three weigh-in personnel per team are allowed at the scale. No other personnel from the team or parents are allowed. The area is to be kept clear. The only people at the scale should be the player on the scale and the team members in line. Two weigh in members per team doing the weigh in and one person each squad helping and watching players put on their equipment once weighed in.

After a weigh in, a player is allowed to add one shirt under their jersey.

Weigh-In Information from KSL.