All new players must provide an original Birth Certificate,


PLEASE, look for your child's birth certificate now before KSL photo ID's are taken. If you can not produce the original, your child will not be eligble to play until an original can be obtained.


Parents need to supply additional equipment

  • Cleats
  • Athletic supporter
  • Practice jersey
  • Practice pants with pads

     Players are required to wear this equipment for all practices and games.


Did you know that some cleats weigh over a pound? Pants too?

If your child is on the heavier side of the weight requirement before practice begins, if you are concerned he/she may not make game time weight requirements, or if you have any questions about equipment, please contact:

*********before you purchase this equipment.*********

Remember, even if your child weighs under the weight requirement on your home scale, it is their weight that is reflected on the official weigh-in scale prior to the game that counts.

Remember, they get weighed in wearing their cleats, socks, athletic supporter and their pants with pads. These items can add up to 5 pounds to your child's weight.

If their weight exceeds the designated weight for a game, the player will not be eligible to play in that game.